Newsletter: Donald Trump, Queen, Churchill; NATO; Germany's Natural Gas Deal With Russia; "Deep State" (July 20, 2018)

News from Hal Lindsey Media Ministries (copied from e-mails that I receive each week)
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Newsletter: Donald Trump, Queen, Churchill; NATO; Germany's Natural Gas Deal With Russia; "Deep State" (July 20, 2018)

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News from Hal Lindsey Media Ministries (This was copied from an email that I received on July 20th)

July 20th, 2018

Which do you think is meant to be an insult?

1. Apparently following Queen Elizabeth's direction, President Trump begins to walk the reviewing line with her. She decides to step behind him to move to his left so she can walk between the President and the troops. He pauses and waits for her to catch up, then resumes walking beside her to review the troops.

2. Thousands of anti-Trump protesters gather in Parliament Square where they float a huge balloon depicting President Trump as an angry, diapered baby holding a cellphone.

To you and me, it's obvious which is the action intended as an insult. But it's apparently not so obvious in the Late Great Britain.

Monarchists and the tabloids were in full hue and cry blasting President Trump for "insulting" the Queen and the British monarchy by walking in front of her -- no matter how briefly. I don't recall them being so apoplectic when Michelle Obama put her arm around the Queen -- which, incidentally, is a much greater breach of protocol. Especially since she was not even a head of state. To which the Queen is reported to have later remarked that she "never want(ed) to meet that woman again!"

The diapered baby balloon? Oh, that's just freedom of speech.

What's more, if you believe the media, it appears that President Trump may have forever ruptured the bonds of friendship between America and the United Kingdom. He had the audacity to actually sit in an easy chair in which Winston Churchill once sat. The headline of the London newspaper The Mirror breathlessly screamed, "How Dare You?"

The paper quoted a Member of Parliament, Ruth Smeeth, declaring that President Trump "doesn't even deserve to look at a statue of Churchill let alone sit in his seat."

Apparently Trump Derangement Syndrome is epidemic on both sides of the pond!

As "politically correct" and hypocritically sanctimonious as many Brits appear to be, it is a little surprising that they are expressing so much respect for their late Prime Minister Churchill. Were he alive today, I think he would be as much of an outcast as he was in the years leading up to World War II when he was sounding the politically-incorrect warnings about Hitler and Germany.

You see, Winston Churchill was a plain-spoken critic of Islam and just as outspoken a proponent of "Christian civilization" as any major politician in history. He would be roasted alive by the PC establishment of today.

In 2014, a politician was arrested for merely reading aloud the words of Churchill regarding Islam. And with so many British cities now boasting Muslim mayors, I doubt it's going to get any better.

Britain once had a great tradition of debating both religion and politics. One of the ironies is that the same people who see Islam as above discussion have no problem with attacking Christianity and the Bible on a regular basis.

Maybe they feel more free to speak their minds because they know the Knights of Columbus aren't likely to behead them.

Wow! Finally a NATO Summit with fireworks!

Usually, they're yawners. But not with President Trump at the table! I think the attending heads of state should be starting to catch on by now. President Trump says it like it is. Or at least like he sees it.

I doubt that most of the other leaders have ever heard so much truth or faced so much reality in their entire political careers.

Besides chastising most of the other NATO members for failing year after year to meet their defense commitments, the President zeroed in on Germany because of its natural gas deal with Russia.

NATO is an alliance of nations created to stand against Russia and its allies. At the time of its formation after World War II, NATO's enemy counterpart was the Warsaw Pact. That was a defense alliance between the Soviet Union and seven of its satellite states. Today, some of those former Soviet Socialist Republics are members of NATO. Including Poland!

Nonetheless, though the Soviet Union no longer exists, Russia has assumed its mantle in the world. That means, in essence, that NATO's "enemy" is Russia and the NATO treaty pledges its members to protect each other from their enemies, i.e., Russia, etc.

Which makes Germany's natural gas deal with Russia all the more appalling and galling.

Here's the short version: Most of the European nations depend heavily on natural gas from Russia, for which they pay exorbitant prices. Currently, most of that gas transits through Ukraine and Poland. Ukraine and Poland are both former Soviet Socialist Republics that have moved their loyalties to the West. Which makes Russia feel very threatened and angry.

Occasionally, Russia tries to punish Ukraine and Poland, and subvert them to its wishes, by cutting off their critical natural gas supplies during the dead of the brutal central European winters. But in doing so, that means the natural gas supplies of the other European nations get cut off, too. And that makes them angry with Russia.

So incredibly rich, powerful, and domineering Germany decided to cut a sweetheart deal with Russia. They signed a deal to build two 800-mile gas pipelines that run beneath the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. It was originally called Nord Stream, now Nord Stream 2. That means Russia can pump gas to Germany and Germany can then turn around and dole it out to the other European nations.

In essence, that puts Russia in control of Germany's critical gas supplies and Germany in control of the other European nations' critical gas supplies. And it leaves Russia free to punish Ukraine and Poland at will without irritating the EU or other NATO nations. Win-win for Russia!

Enter President Donald Trump.

President Trump looked at that deal and immediately cried, "Foul!" What's more, he cried, "Foul!" loudly! And that shocked Germany, Russia, the Democrat Party, the mainstream media, and the rest of the globalists.

At a breakfast meeting, the President told Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary-General: "...Germany, as far as I'm concerned, is captive to Russia because it's getting so much of its energy from Russia. So we're supposed to protect Germany (from Russia), but they're getting their energy from Russia. Explain that!"

I doubt he can.

Germany is the richest country in Europe. It bullies the other nations in the European Union. It has a $69 billion trade surplus with the United States alone. The US has 35,000 troops stationed in Germany. Yet of the 29 member states in NATO, Germany ranks next to last in the amount of its GDP that it spends on its own defense.

And now it is placing its citizens and industry at the mercy of the Russians. All the while letting the United States foot the majority of the bills for the NATO alliance that is supposed to protect it from Russia.

In what universe does that make sense?

But there is an interesting -- and prophetic -- twist to all of this. After 2020, Russia will have a viable stranglehold on Europe. But that stranglehold may be broken in 2025. That's when a new pipeline from Israel's incredible natural gas reserves, built with the cooperation of Cyprus, Greece, and Italy, will be complete. That pipeline will be capable of supplying enough natural gas to Europe to mitigate Russia's grip.

Could it be that the preservation of Russia's natural gas monopoly will be the "hooks in the jaws" of Gog that God will one day use to pull it from the north to do battle with Israel?

Oh yeah, one more thing. Gerhard Schroeder was the former German Chancellor who authorized the original Nord Stream deal. Then he left office and Vladimir Putin helped him become chairman of the same project he authorized as Chancellor. In 2017, Putin arranged for Schroeder (the German) to become chairman of Rosneft, the state-owed Russian oil giant.

The Swamp bubbles on both sides of the pond!

Speaking of the Swamp. Did you see the Congressional hearing with FBI Agent Peter Strzok as the featured guest?

If this were a Hollywood movie, most of us would say that the actors were hams and the writer was stoned when he wrote the script. You can't make this stuff up!

But the scary part is, this is reality! I don't know which was creepier or more bizarre, Agent Strzok's Norman Batesesque facial expressions and sleazy demeanor or the Democrats' frantic attempts to interrupt the proceedings and stop him from having to answer the questions.

It seems to me that even more damning than Agent Strzok's undeniable bias expressed in tens of thousands of texts (when did he have time to actually investigate anything?), is the simple fact that the FBI has uniformly ignored mountains of evidence of Hillary Clinton crimes that have been uncovered and presented by other FBI agents, other law enforcement agencies, and other intelligence services.

The institution's bias is more evident in what it hasn't done than in what it has.

But then, that is not so unusual in history. In fact, some of the crises engulfing the world today are the result of the devious undermining of legitimate government authorities by their underlings.

"Underlings" are the glue that holds things together or the weak links that cause them to fall apart. They are necessary to the administration of any government or organization. In the United States government, we call them the "Deep State."

The trouble starts when a group of subordinates take it on themselves to undo the policy of legitimate officials. In this way, underlings have sometimes changed the course of history.

For instance, last week I discussed the "other" Middle East refugees: the Jews displaced from Arab nations. In that story, I described how the League of Nations had instructed Britain to provide for a national homeland for the Jewish people. The League's "Mandate" dedicated a large tract of land from the Mediterranean Sea to what is now Iraq.

But the British officials kept backing out of promises they had made to the Jews. Eventually, 75% of the land in the "British Mandate" was given to the Arabs as a homeland for the Palestinian Arabs. It is now called Jordan. The remaining 25%, from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean was given to Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel).

Even earlier, when British General Edmund Allenby, leading his army of liberation, dismounted his horse and walked reverently into Jerusalem on December 9, 1917, he was prepared to institute a military government as per his instructions. But the staff of Governor Ronald Storrs was riddled with army officers who did not believe in the principles set forth in the Balfour Declaration. They represented the "Deep State" of the day.

Incrementally, and without authorization, they sabotaged the official policy of their government. That subterfuge eventually led to the rise of the leader of the Jerusalem Muslims, Haj Amin al-Husseini.

In later years, al-Husseini led the Arab Revolt of 1936-1939. He escaped to Nazi Germany where he remained as a guest and collaborator with Adolf Hitler. He even helped recruit Bosnian Muslims for Germany's Waffen-SS.

So don't make the mistake of believing the Left's and the mainstream media's derision of the idea of a "Deep State." It does exist and it is powerful. And too often, it has the last word.

Fortunately for us, though, it will be God who has the real "last word." And even though we know that days of persecution are coming before Jesus returns for His followers, we can take comfort in the promise that He will never leave us or forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5)

But let's not stop fighting. There is still time to speak truth to power and expose the forces of darkness that are engulfing the world. Pray for those in leadership who are doing just that. Maybe they are buying time for even more to turn to Christ and accept the free gift of pardon that He died on Calvary to purchase for "everyone who believes." (Romans 1:16)

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God Bless,

Hal Lindsey
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