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Live streaming of eagles' nest: Watch the daily activities of two adorable baby eagles as they grow up in Decorah, Iowa

Posted: Sat, Apr 13, 2019, 5:34 pm
by Linda O'Donnell
A few months ago, my brother sent me a link to one of the eagle nests in Decorah, Iowa, so I could watch a pair of eagles as they prepared their nest, then laid, incubated, and hatched their eggs, and currently feed, protect, and do what is necessary to care for their young.

The female is known by the people in the chat room as "Super Mom" because last year she had to raise three babies on her own because her mate (lovingly called "Dad") disappeared, and nobody knows what happened to him.

This year, Mom has a new mate (known as "DM2" for "Decorah Male #2"), and they are raising two babies together. There were originally three eggs, but one of them got stuck on Mom's foot and I think she accidentally stepped on it. The two remaining eggs hatched, the first on April 4th and the second on April 7th. The older baby is called D32, and the younger one is D33. That's because Mom has had 31 "children" before them.

Here are two links where you can learn much more about the Decorah eagles and their nest and you can watch the live stream and read the comments of visitors in the chat rooms (some of which are very funny):

Please note: The live stream doesn't work with Internet Explorer and some other browsers. If you're having a problem, try using Google Chrome.