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Music Video: "Revolving Piano Duet" (Four pianists take turns playing duets with Christian hymns--WOW!)

Posted: Mon, Sep 30, 2019, 2:20 pm
by Linda O'Donnell

Do you like church music? If so, you'll probably enjoy this video that I found on YouTube yesterday. In it, four people take turns playing a "revolving" duet (like "Musical Chairs") with some well-known, well-loved, toe-tappin" Baptist hymns about salvation.

As I understand it, the performance was unrehearsed and the songs were played by ear (i.e., no sheet music). All that was supplied to the pianists was the following list of songs:

1) Power in the Blood
2) Standing on the Promises
3) When We All Get to Heaven
4) Are You Washed in the Blood
5) Since Jesus Came into my Heart
6) Oh, I Want to See Him
7) My Sins Are Gone
8) When the Saints Go Marching In

Here's the explanation of the video that is currently on YouTube:

“1 piano, 4 pianists, and 8 songs made for a fun unrehearsed performance after a church service in South Georgia. With key changes every verse and a list of songs in front of us, we had a great time trying to make seamless transitions! Pianists are Jonathan Montgomery, Natalie Raynes, Tracy Jones, and Doug Raynes. (No sheet music is available. 😂)”